Background & History

We are a family run business that started due to the challenges of finding our elderly and disabled mother a reliable transport service that also provided a high level of customer care and consideration.

We discovered many families were facing the same issues and that’s how the inspiration for Mobility Taxis was established with the ethos of treating clients with patience, care and dignity.


Why choose Mobility Taxis

Mobility Taxi Drivers are not just providing a taxi service for you. We truly care that you are given the right support to get you to and from your destination. We recognise that trust is important to you and therefore give you the option of requesting the same driver for future journeys.

In order to continue improving our services, we welcome all our client’s feedback, ensuring that we keep our high standards of patience care and dignity consistent.

If you would like to give us feedback on your journey, please call on 020 8771 1663 or email:

What Our Clients Say